Your physician has partnered with Kickstand to provide you with an opportunity to apply for financing through its platform.

With one application that takes less than two minutes (and doesn’t affect your credit) get fixed-rate medical loan offers instantly. It’s the easiest way to find the best financing option.

Turn medical bills into an affordable monthly payment in minutes

With one application – that doesn’t affect your credit – we’ll search for loan offers from all of the top online lenders. Funds can be used for any medical-related expense… 

How we can help

Medical Bills

Dental Procedures

Veterinary Bills

*Subject to credit approval. APR: 5.99% subject to increase or decrease.
Example of 36 monthly payments for well-qualified applicants.

How it works.

With increasing financial challenges and unexpected expenses, sometimes you can still fall short. That’s where we come in.


Apply in minutes

Takes less than two minutes to complete and won’t affect your credit.


Instantly get offers

Compare offers from several lenders at once.


Choose the best

Select the best APR, term and monthly payment for you.


Get the money

Finalize your lender’s application and funds are transferred to you within a few business days


Pay your provider.

No surprises, no hidden fees or ballooning interest rates. Just peace of mind.

Why not use a credit card?

Fixed rate loans like those from Kickstand’s partners don’t balloon if you miss a payment like many medical credit cards with variable rates do. Whatever rate you agree to stays the same for the entire loan term – no surprises.

High credit card balances also negatively impact your credit score. By using a loan from Kickstand’s lenders, you can keep your credit cards available for emergencies.

Why Kickstand and not some other online lender?

Kickstand Is a “one stop shop” that finds the best option for you from multiple lenders. So, you get the best terms at the best rate with a single application that takes less than 2 minutes.

Applying doesn’t affect your credit score, and best of all, Kickstand is paid by lenders and practices -not by you. So the rates we show you are the same as if you applied directly with each lender separately… but with a lot less hassle.